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August Practices in the Park, 2010

by on January 4, 2012

Dr. Gail Clark and several of her clients have been practicing nearly every weekend day in parks around Fort Collins, Colorado. We decide when and where to meet via e-mail, usually initiated by Karen Nutter or Judy Criswell. We all show up with our dogs and gear, including several sets of jumps, enough ring gates to make two rings, and enough enthusiasm to work three to five hours putting the pups through their paces.  We attempt at least one “run-through” where we try to set up actual obedience trial conditions. This helps the dog and handler work out problems that seem to appear only during obedience trials.  The dogs all love it, and we get some human socialization in addition to the practice.

Gracie, the Kerry Blue Terrier

Gracie does Sit during Signals Exercise

Ann Chinook and her Kerry Blue Terrier Gracie finish practicing Signals Exercise

Gordon Setter Deck waiting in Stand position

Shelby Enke and her Australian Shepherd Elvis wait for command during practice of Scent Discrimination.

Ann and Kerry Blue Terrier Gracie are practicing the Directed Retrieve

Gordon Setter Deck responds to Sit command during Signals Exercise

Ann and Kerry Blue Terrier Gracie trying Glove #3 with Directed Retrieve

a Portuguese Water Dog supervises

Gordon Setter Deck working the pile during Scent Discrimination

Deck the Gordon Setter has the proper leather article

Deck works the pile again

Deck retrieves the metal article — “Take it to Mommy”

Shelby and her Aussie Elvis practice Retrieve on the Flat

Elvis does a perfect retrieve and front as Shelby takes the dumbbell

Jennifer Methlie and her Australian Shepherd Sydney practicing Directed Retrieve

Debbie Badillo’s Australian Shepherd Kylie brings back an article during Scent Discrimination practice

Kylie the Aussie still bringing the article

“Thank you, Kylie” — Debbie Badillo takes dumbbell from a properly fronted Kylie

Jon Richards’ Cocker Spaniel Ronin takes the High Jump during Directed Jumping exercise

Cocker Spaniel Ronin takes the Bar Jump

Dr. Gail Clark’s Gordon Setter Deck launches over a jump during Directed Jumping exercise

Deck goes again, from closer in

Gordon Setter Deck clears the jump as Portuguese Water Dog Ferry looks on

Back the other way, Deck is getting a workout

And Deck goes over the High Jump again

Debbie Badillo’s Aussie Kylie zooms over the High Jump

Kylie has done a great Go-Out and awaits command during Directed Jumping

Kylie the Aussie takes the Bar Jump

Going the other way across the ring, Debbie Badillo sends her Aussie Kylie out during the Directed Jumping

Coming back, Kylie takes the High Jump

Whew, Kylie has made the High Jump again.

Karen Nutter sends her Portuguese Water Dog Ferry out during Directed Jumping exercise

Karen Nutter watches as Ferry takes the Bar Jump

PWD Ferry takes the High Jump

All done, Karen assures Ferry that she is really a Good Dog.

All photos courtesy of Karen Nutter, except the last four by Jon Richards.

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