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“The change in my pup’s behavior was immediate, stunning and dramatic”

by on March 30, 2015

I enrolled my four-month Australian Shepherd puppy in Gail Clark’s beginner class. Gail is a fountain of knowledge and information. She has a solution for every problem that the class would throw at her. Although I’ve had dogs before Gail showed me where some of my training techniques were wrong and how to correct them. My puppy is very high spirited and was easily distracted by other dogs during the learning to heel part of the training. Seeing my struggles, Gail jumped in and took over. The change in my pup’s behavior was immediate, stunning and dramatic. Suddenly, she was totally attentive and instead of looking at other dogs she only had eyes for Gail. Gail is a true “dog whisperer!” I am now signed up to take private lessons with Gail and am looking forward to even better results!

— P. (Google User Review)

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