About Dog Training

About Dog Training

About Dog Training with Dr. Clark

Dr. Gail Clark, certified trainer and dog behavioral psychologist, author, instructor, has taught dog obedience classes in Fort Collins, Colorado, for over 38 years. She has instructed dog owners on how to teach their dogs to be obedient and to fix or prevent dog behavior problems. As a psychologist and a canine behaviorist, Dr. Clark developed the only complete behavior and obedience course for dog owners that has helped over 49,000 dogs in Fort Collins, northern Colorado, and neighboring states. Dr. Clark has successfully helped thousands of fearful, aggressive, and problem dogs.

Gail Clark earned her doctoral degree at Colorado State University and is an internationally recognized dog psychologist, dog trainer, past columnist for the American Kennel Club Gazette, and is author of two books: The Mentally Sound Dog: How to Shape, Train and Change K9 Behavior, and Puppy Parenting. Dr. Clark has won many awards for her work on dog behavior in the scientific field as well as the literary field. She has successfully trained and instructed all dog breeds and temperaments from family pets to show champions. Her dogs have earned numerous titles: Championships to the highest obedience title awarded, Utility. While consistently ranking in the top ten in the nation for their breeds, all of Dr. Clark’s canine companions are certified therapy dogs, as well as TV and print media supermodels. Dr. Clark has also produced a two-hour video production.

Behavior Counseling

Dr. Clark offers private consultations to help you solve specific behavior problems or to assist you in raising your puppy to be well-behaved and socially adjusted. Consultations involve a behavioral history, evaluation, and options for solutions. If your dog is out of control, fearful, aggressive, or exhibiting annoying behaviors, a private consultation is the answer for addressing your dog problems and to help your dog become a well-behaved family member.

Dog Obedience Training for your Puppy or Dog

Dr. Gail Clark and her professional staff provide you and your dog with a fun and educational training experience through the Beginner Course in dog training. The Beginner Class is for puppies, or older dogs that still need to learn to stop pulling on leash, come when called, and other basic commands. Through Dr. Clark’s positive training methods and instruction, your puppy or dog will learn all the basic obedience and good manners. You and your dog will learn a common language and have a clear line of communication

Dr. Clark’s course is the only course that teaches sound learning principles with appropriate and positive socialization to children, adults, and dogs. You will learn how to teach your dog to be obedient, how your dog thinks, and why he behaves as he does, and how to repair or prevent dog behavior problems, and most important, how to train successfully. When you attend Dr. Clark’s classes with your dog, you are sure to get sound advice, quick, positive results, and a fun, entertaining learning experience.

So, if you want a well-behaved, well-adjusted dog, throw away the choke chain and pinch collar you were given in the other obedience class and come join Dr. Clark’s obedience and behavior courses learning how to train dogs lovingly for success.

When to Start Puppy and Obedience Classes – Dog Training

Puppies are never too young to learn, and older dogs are never too old to learn new behaviors. Don’t worry about starting your dog too early with dog training. When your puppy starts going out in public, it is time to start class and teach him how to be a well-behaved community member. In Dr. Clark’s course, puppies learn how to interact with older dogs, and the mature dogs learn to behave around dogs of all ages.

Why is Dog Obedience Training Important?

Without a doubt, dog obedience training is the key to saving your dog’s life! Dog training teaches your dog to come when called, not to bite, proper social behavior around people and other dogs. In Dr. Clark’s class you will also learn how to stop behaviors that can damage your loving relationship with your dog, and encourage those good behaviors which will bond you and your dog for life.

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Beginner Obedience Curriculum – Dog Training

The basic obedience exercises include walking on lead, heeling, sitting, down, sit-stay, down-stay, coming when called, systematic positive socialization, and much more.

Also included is instruction on how to prevent and solve behavior problems such as barking, jumping, digging, chewing, nipping, and house soiling. Your problem dog is welcome in class. Dr. Clark’s expertise includes fearful/aggressive dogs. The beginner behavior course and obedience class is the place to bring your dog to successfully correct annoying dog behavior problems.