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Anipanion Pet

I am thrilled to announce that K9 Shrink behavioral and training services is rolling out Anipanion’s app, Anipanion Pet, to make it easier than ever to receive access to great virtual training and behavior advice.

Through Anipanion Pet, you can contact Dr. Gail Clark and will have access to tools to become more in-tune with your pet’s behavior, nutrition, and activity levels, which will help you see the positive health outcomes of all the terrific work you’re doing to keep your pet(s) healthy.

Here’s what you can do with Anipanion Pet 

Start a Virtual Consult with Dr. Gail – Have a question? Need a behavior consult? Want feedback on your training techniques? Looking for obedience assistance? Select the telehealth option in the Anipanion Pet app, select K9 Shrink, and start a conversation.

Track activities & emotions – Have you ever drawn a blank when trying to describe an unusual behavior? Or would you like to have feedback on your training technique and progress? Do you have a question that was not addressed in class or lesson? With Anipanion pet app, you can ask Dr. Gail your questions and get answers with live chat and video. 

Manage your pet’s life record – You can log your training sessions and activities to form your pet’s Life Record—giving you an overall picture of your dog’s well-being and health right at your fingertips!

Answer all your pet health questions with PetMD’s articles – Knowledge is power! The Anipanion Pet app has over 5,000 pet health, wellness, and social articles written by vets for pet parents; giving you all the resources you need to be an informed pet parent.

Here’s How To Get Started

Step 1 Download the Anipanion Pet App from the App Store

Step 2 Set up your Anipanion profile

Step 3 start a chat by selecting “telehealth” in app

Step 4 Connect with your Behavior Provider “K9Shrink

Dr. Gail is excited to offer virtual services in order to provide a comprehensive and convenient behavior and training program.


Dr. Gail Clark

Canine behavioral psychologist

K9 Shrink 

Chat and Video K9 Behavioral and Training Consulting

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