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Private Lessons

Show Training and Private lessons with Dr. Clark

Gail Clark, Ph.D., a successful dog behaviorist and obedience training instructor, also actively competes in obedience and conformation. Her dogs have earned numerous titles including breed championships, agility, and obedience through the Utility Dog Excellent level. Dr. Clark has shown breeds from every AKC group and has had multiple Group wins as well as multiple High In Trials and on her dogs and client dogs.

Dr. Clark believes every dog is smart and can learn to be a well-behaved companion and performance partner. Dr. Gail Clark, “K9 Shrink” canine behavioral psychologist, teaches and employs only proven psychological principles and positive learning methods for training dogs without fear or force, thus facilitating the devoted, loving companionship every dog owner desires.

Private Lessons

Immediate results and convenient

Private dog training lessons are customized, one-on-one learning sessions with Gail Clark. Private dog training is the fastest most effective way to teach your dog to behave like a model canine citizen at home or in public. You will have immediate results.

Private dog training for puppies is a good way to teach your young dog how to behave before he/she develops bad habits or becomes too large to effectively control.

Private dog training for the adult dog is the quickest way to redirect those behaviors that annoy you or are a problem for the family and general public. Private dog training is the fast track to the perfectly behaved companion dog.

Lessons can be scheduled on an as needed basis, or you have the option of purchasing a multi-lesson packages for a discount. Individual lessons are $85.00 per lesson or you have the option of purchasing discount packages of 4, 6 or 8 lessons. All credit cards accepted.

If committing to scheduled classes are a problem for you, or your dog is out of control and difficult to handle, private one hour lessons can be arranged according to your schedule and needs.

Private dog training allows for flexible times and environments. For example, if you are having trouble teaching your dog to wait at your front door, or walking your dog in your neighborhood, Dr. Clark can take your lesson to the real life environment, and fix the problem.

When you arrange private lessons, Dr. Clark begins with discussing your training goals and proceeds with designing a custom program that concentrates on the skills and areas you need to produce your perfect canine companion.

If your goal is to train your dog for competition and show your canine companion at the dog shows, Dr. Clark will create a fun and successful custom program for you and your dog.

For your convenience, Dr. Clark also provides In-Home Dog Training

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What are Dr. Clark’s students saying about private lessons?


Whether your private lesson is geared toward training your dog to show in obedience or conformation, a private lesson is the most direct route to the winner’s circle.

Over the last 38 plus years, and experimenting with show training classes versus private lessons, consistently, private lessons have produced a 100% success rate for people who wish to show their dogs. Group classes often produce less than 50% success rate in comparison to the private lessons. In a private lesson you learn how to show YOUR dog. One-on-one attention addresses all of your dog’s issues and your specific questions are answered; you don’t have to split the hour with 10 other people who have questions and issues that do not apply to you or your dog.

Private Conformation Lessons for all breeds and ages

The focus on conformation training is the dog’s appearance. The dog is judged according to your dog’s breed standard that can be found on the American Kennel Club website

Private lessons concentrate on teaching you how to show your dog in the breed ring. You will learn how to enhance your dog’s breed strengths in the ring. Private conformation lesson plans are customized for your experience level. From the beginner who has never been to a dog show to the seasoned handler that needs tips for a specific dog.

You will learn how to train, handle, and show your dog for the best advantage. You will also learn ring procedure, show rules, and individual handling and training tips to give you the winning edge.

Start your show prospect puppy to be ready for the 4-month old class!

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Obedience and Rally Trial Lessons

Dog Training for obedience and rally trial competitions

Obedience and Rally training focuses on the dog’s performance with structured exercises. The obedience performance standard can be found at

The emphasis on obedience private lessons is team performance; you and your dog working together through a routine of obedience exercises that are functional for everyday manners in the home and public environment.

Dog obedience training creates a strong bond that crosses the human and canine communication barrier. This bond continues to strengthen in the show ring where you will share a fun activity with your dog. Obedience competition is entertaining and functional in all aspects of your life with your dog. All dogs, regardless of the breed, including mixed breeds, can compete in obedience trials.

In private obedience lessons you will learn how to train your dog to be obedient to your commands, perform as a team, and solve behavior problems.

For the obedience competitor, you will learn the show rules, ring techniques, how to compete in obedience and perform all the precise exercises required to earn each title, from the Companion Good Citizen Test (CGC), to Rally, to the highest AKC Obedience levels: Companion Dog (CD), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Utility Dog (UD), Utility Dog Excellent, (UDX).

Get started today learning how to communicate effectively with your dog.

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