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accredited top obedience trainer, 40+ years of experience, Canine behavioral psychologist PHD

Dog Training with Dr. Clark

With our compassionate approach and extensive expertise, we are committed to helping you develop a harmonious bond with your furry friend. Discover the difference our tailored services can make and embark on a journey of canine understanding today. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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Obedience Training

Foster trust and respect with our obedience training. From basic commands to advanced skills, achieve a cooperative and well-mannered pet.

Obedience Training


Behavior Modification Training

Our behavior correction & modification training is designed to transform your dog’s bad habits into positive ones. We work closely with you to address issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, excessive barking, and more.

Behavior Modification Training

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Private Lessons & In-home Training

Enjoy personalized guidance in the comfort of your own home with our private and in-home training sessions. Tailored to meet your dog's specific needs in a comfortable environment

Private & In-Home Training

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Show Dog Training

Unlock your dog's potential and perfect their show skills with our expert trainers. Let your dog shine in the competitive world of dog shows.

Show Dog Training

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