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Elevating Canine Champions

As a renowned dog psychologist, trainer, and behaviorist in Wellington, Dr. Gail Clark is dedicated to helping you and your companion shine in the world of dog shows. With our personalized approach and extensive expertise, we provide tailored show dog training at K9 Shrink to bring out the best in your furry friend. Take the first step towards transforming your dog into a show champion by scheduling your first session with us today.

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accredited top obedience trainer, 40+ years of experience, Canine behavioral psychologist PHD

Polishing Show Skills

Every show dog has a unique charisma. Our dog psychologist-led training emphasizes grace, agility, and command responsiveness, ensuring your dog shines in the limelight.

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Mastering the Showmanship

While appearance matters, a show dog's behavior is paramount. Our in-depth understanding as dog behaviorists ensures your dog excels in both form and function.

Step into the world of champions. Trust in K9 Shrink, your leading dog trainer in Wellington to help transform your canine into a show-stopping sensation. Book a session today!

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Brig Run.jpeg
Grp Stays.jpeg
Nessie Heel.jpeg
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Kit & Tink_Tina & Zeke_David & Luke Judge Mel Stanley_1.jpeg
Nina & Barse_1.jpeg
Tina & Zeke_David & Luke Kit & Tink_1.jpeg
David and Luke_ Gail and Brig_1.jpeg
Gail and Birdie 1st CDX leg_1.jpeg
Gail and Brig and Marina Judge_1.jpeg
Gail and Brig High Combined 2_1.jpeg
Gail and Brig High in Trial_1.jpeg
Judy & Czeska 3 1st place in Novice B Judge J. Cuputo_1.jpeg
Anja & Ruger Rally High Combined and High In Trial.jpeg

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