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K9 Shrink Dog Training, Fort Collins, CO

K9 Shrink Dog Training

Making a difference for people and dogs

Dr. Gail Clark

Canine Behavioral Psychologist
The K9 Shrink
Expert Dog Trainer, Author, Speaker

Dr. Gail Clark, “The K9 Shrink” canine behavioral psychologist, teaches and practices only proven psychological principles and positive learning methods for dog training. Dr. Clark’s methods teach dogs good behavior without fear or force and facilitate the devoted, loving companionship every dog owner desires. Dr. Clark’s unique methods are effective, sensible, straightforward, and easy to learn and apply in any busy lifestyle. Dr. Clark offers a variety of programs to help dog owners understand the dog’s mind and behavior, train with positive methods, and solve or channel problem behavior into good manners. Dr. Clark has a PhD in Psychology specializing in canine behavior from Colorado State University.

K9 Shrink with Portuguese Water Dog clientPhoto Credit to Shawn and Jenifer Clark, Versatile Light Studios,

K9 Shrink Event Calendar

Fast Track Dog Training For The Family Dog
NO FORCE TRAINING: NO Choke, Pinch, or Shock Collars
Reward-based Training with Positive Reinforcement

  • Canine Behavioral Counseling and all Dog Problem Solutions
  • Dog Training on Location for Real-Life Situations
  • Positive, Reward-based Training
  • Modern Training Facility
  • In-Home Dog Training
  • Puppy Manners and Obedience
  • Good Manners for the Family Dog
  • Obedience and Retraining for Older Dogs
  • Dog Training Obedience Classes for Puppies and Older Dogs
  • Private Lessons
  • Show Training
  • Dog Training Classes
  • Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Wellington, and Loveland, Colorado Areas
  • Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming Areas
  • Northern Colorado, Front Range

K9 Shrink Dog Training
11025 N County Road 7
Wellington, CO 80549

Cell: 970-689-1445

Static Map Showing K9 Shrink Facility North of Wellington, Colorado:

Static map showing K9 Shrink Facility north of Wellington, Colorado

Static map showing K9 Shrink Facility north of Wellington, Colorado