In-Home Training


In-Home Training

Training your dog with in-home lessons has your dog learning in the same situations where they need to obey, resulting in immediate and practical results. In-home dog training can be customized by you to address the specific training challenges you face, like your dog charging out the door, not coming when called, and pulling you on walks.

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Dog Training for Your Convenience

Dr. Gail offers private in-home training and locations outside the K9 Dog Training facility. If you're having trouble training your dog at home or in your neighborhood, Dr. Gail can take your lesson to the real-life environment where the issues occur, making training more effective and relevant.

Training in Real World Settings

Training in Real World Settings

Training in Real World Settings


In-Home Dog Training

In-home dog training provides customized, one-on-one, learning sessions with Dr. Gail in the comfort of your home. It's an ideal solution for teaching your dog good manners and behaviors specific to your living environment where they need to obey, providing immediate and practical results. In-home dog training addresses specific challenges you face, such as chewing, teaching your dog to walk in public without pulling, wait at the front door, or come when called.

Key Advantages of Private lessons:

With private lesson training, you and Dr. Gail collaborate to design the best program for your dog's specific needs. With private lessons, you invest your time and resources in training that apply to your personal situation.

Customized programs tailored to your dog, family, and lifestyle

Focused training on the behaviors and commands that matter to you

Direct training for situations unique to your situations

Individual attention and all your questions addressed

A safer, cleaner, and non-threatening environment

Faster learning in a quiet training area

Flexible scheduling to meet your needs

Ready to get started?

Whether you choose private lessons at the Wellington facility or opt for in-home dog training, you'll be amazed by the difference just one lesson can make in your dog's behavior. For inquiries and scheduling, reach out to K9 Shrink today.

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