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Basic and Advanced Dog Obedience Classes for Puppies & Adult dogs

Dog Training and Behavior Modification

Located in Wellington, Dr. Gail, K9 Shrink is a certified Canine Behaviorist, Dog Trainer, and award winning author and dog show competitor. K9 Shrink offers all levels of dog training for puppies and adult dogs. Levels include basic obedience training for good manners in your home and all public settings to advance training for off-leash obedience. Whether your goal is to train your k9 best friend for good manners or competition in performance events, achieve your goals with Dr. Gail's reward based training.

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accredited top obedience trainer, 40+ years of experience, Canine behavioral psychologist PHD

Unique Positive Methods

K9 Shrink offers a balanced dog training program In Ft. Collins-Loveland, Wellington, and surrounding communities, based on positive reinforcement/reward and discouraging undesired/bad behavior. Dr. Gail's gentle, no force training gives you an understanding to how your dog thinks and channels positive communication for the development of a loyal bond between you and your dog.


Beyond Basic Commands

Dr. Gail's, unique obedience training program is beyond just your basic dog commands like 'sit' or 'stay'. K9 Shrink dog training programs are designed to teach dog owners how to train good behavior and discourage bad behavior. The K9 Shrink dog training program educates dog owners on how to train their dog by developing a positive communication dogs understand without the use of harsh equipment that controls the dog or through bribery methods that only last as long as the treats hold out. If you're looking to establish a truly exceptional relationship with your dog, the K9 Shrink obedience training program can help you achieve just that, providing you with rare hands-on, no-force, reward based instruction.

Ready to train your dog for good behavior and eliminate your dog's bad habits for a happy household and community? Come join the K9 Shrink's successful ranks of trained dogs by embarking on the K9 Shrink obedience training program. Call Dr. Gail, today, your personal K9 Shrink.

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