Dog Show Competition Training

Compettion Dog Events

Want to have fun and be successful in competitive events with your dog? All dogs regardless of their breed or mixture of breeds, spayed or neutered, are eligible to show in obedience competition and other performance events like agility, nose work, barn hunt, and more.

Start with obedience training and experience the thrill of the winners circle when your dog has learned to follow your commands. Train and polish your handling and techniques with Dr. Gail for all levels of competition, Rally, Obedience-Novice through Utility, and Conformation- Breed Champion. So come train and join the fun activities with your dog and schedule your first session with Dr. Gail today.

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accredited top obedience trainer, 40+ years of experience, Canine behavioral psychologist PHD

Polishing Show Skills

Showing a dog is about training for the activity and learning how to expertly handle your dog in the show ring.

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Mastering the Showmanship

Dr. Gail's experience in handling, teaching dog owners how to show and compete with their dogs for obedience, rally, conformation, nose work, agility and other sport events produced many champions and grand champions in their respective competition events. Come learn about the dog show compeition world with Dr. Gail Book a session today!

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Tina & Zeke_David & Luke Kit & Tink_1.jpeg
David and Luke_ Gail and Brig_1.jpeg
Gail and Birdie 1st CDX leg_1.jpeg
Gail and Brig and Marina Judge_1.jpeg
Gail and Brig High Combined 2_1.jpeg
Gail and Brig High in Trial_1.jpeg
Judy & Czeska 3 1st place in Novice B Judge J. Cuputo_1.jpeg
Anja & Ruger Rally High Combined and High In Trial.jpeg

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