One-on-One Private Lessons


One-on-One Private Lessons

At the K9 Shrink Dog Training facility, Dr. Gail provides one-on-one private lessons. Private dog training lessons are ideal for new dog owners, those with specific goals for their dogs, dogs that require personalized training and attention, and dog owners who plan to participate in dog showing events. These private lessons are held in Dr. Gail's facility that is tailored specifically for dog training, allowing her to concentrate entirely on you and your dog's learning style, pace of learning, and behavioral challenges.

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Private Lessons

If you're looking for a quick and personalized solution to your dog's training needs, private dog training lessons are the fastest way to a well behaved dog. Dr. Gail offers one-on-one sessions that are tailored to your dog's specific needs, whether you need to teach basic good manners, correct undesired habits, modify established behaviors, or train a dog show prospect. With Dr. Gail's expertise and experience, you can expect fast and effective results that will turn your dog into a well-behaved model canine citizen or show dog.

Tailored programs and flexible scheduling will address your specific needs so you can achieve your goals. At K9 Shrink Dog Training your dog will learn good manners for in your home and public outings. Private lessons can also prepare you and your dog for obedience competition and all performance events.

Key Benefits of Our Private Lessons:

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Immediate and convenient results


Customized programs to meet your specific goals


Flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs


Training in real-life environments to address specific issues

Key Advantages of Private lessons:

Dr. Gail's private lesson training, is designed for your dog's specific needs. In private lessons, you invest your time and resources in training that applies to your personal situation.

Ready to get started?

At the K9 Dog Training facility, just one lesson makes a difference in your dog's behavior. K9 Shrink Dog Training offers a positive reward-based training program that builds effective communication with your dog, resulting in unwavering obedience to you and a stronger bond.