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Training Good Dog Behavior with K9 Shrink

Dr. Gail, K9 Shrink, certified K9 behaviorist/Dog Psychologist, and pet and show dog trainer offers Behavior Counseling and teaches people how to train their dogs for good behavior and discourage undesired behavior/bad habits. Dr. Gail has developed unique techniques for modifying dog behavior using rewards and gentle natural consequences. These techniques tap into the dog's instinctive desire for reward and avoidance of consequences, helping them to choose good behavior while fading out bad habits. Training your dog is the fastest and easiest way to shape new behaviors and eliminate old ones. Through training and behavior modification, you can strengthen your bond with your dog and increase your enjoyment of living with them.

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accredited top obedience trainer, 40+ years of experience, Canine behavioral psychologist PHD

Behavior Counseling

Dr. Gail specializes in behavioral counseling for dogs, aimed at preventing and rehabilitating problem behaviors. Problem behavior is redirected into appropriate behavior with consistent, persistent, clear communication and providing predictable outcomes through reinforcement and natural consequence.

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Behavioral Counseling and Therapy

Your dog's behavior directly affects the quality of your bond, happiness, and relationships with the family. Dogs with behavior problems run a high risk of being rejected by their owners or relagated to isolation such as the backyard. Behavior Therapy with Dr. Gail will provide you with a practical working knowledge of how to modify your dog's behavior. Behavior counselling will offer solutions for the prevention and resolution of problem behavior in all ages of dogs, puppies through adulthood.

Dr. Gail will help you modify all problem behaviors such as barking, fearfulness and soicalization issues, pulling, jumping, aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety, house soiling, and more.

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