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Dog’s Night Out At the Nonesuch Theatre April 24, 2010

by on January 4, 2012

A Dogs’ Night Out at the Nonesuch Theatre in Fort Collins Colorado was sponsored by Nick Turner of the Nonesuch Theatre and Dr. Gail Clark, K9 Shrink.

We want to applaud the cast Camilla and Mark Johnson and Elyse Miller and Shane Miller. We thank the cast and Nick Turner of the Nonesuch Theatre for the wonderful evening of entertainment. There were 18 trained and very well behaved dogs in the audience. They all laid quietly at their owners feet during the entire performance. No one would have known they were there until the skit with the knock on the door caused the entire audience of dogs to erupt into a chorus of barking as their owners broke into a chorus of laughter. Shane Miller ad libbed a perfect response and the show went on.

We are also happy to announce that 50% of the proceeds has been donated to Foothills Gateway Foundation and The Raptor Center.

Ship Handing out Playbills at the Nonesuch Theatre

Ship & Klyee handing out playbills at the Nonesuch Theatre


The show is about to begin

The Audience is All a Buzz Waiting for the Show to begin


The Show is over and the Audience takes a bow for being the best behaved Doggone audience at the Nonesuch Theatre!

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