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Alpha Roll Doesn’t Work

by on November 13, 2012


I just stumbled across your website and remembered when I brought my puppy, Arden, to you for help. She was a singleton cocker spaniel pup who bit me in the face at four months old. If I remember correctly, the first thing you asked me was if I had “alpha rolled” her, which I had!

Anyway, just wanted to say I took the advice you gave me in that session to heart and worked diligently with my wild little alpha bitch puppy to gently and effectively show her my boundaries. Your advice and help were perfect and most likely saved her life. Little Arden grew to be a fun adult dog who never once tried to bite again. I lost her at age 14 to mast cell cancer. As hard as that was, it was much better than losing her to temperament issues at less than six months. Thank you!

— Andrea

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