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Judy C

by on November 13, 2013
Gail is one of the most understanding persons, not only of dogs but of people.
If anyone knows anything about training, you have to “train” the owner to train the dog!
Gail is perfect at that.
Gail also has a great philosophy on training. Like she says, the whole reason for training
your dog is to keep your dog SAFE!
It seems that no one else in our area trains the
way she does. ALL dogs end up loving Gail. That in itself means a lot to me.
If Gail ever “retires” or quits training, I know we will have lost a GREAT trainer.
     Judy C

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One Comment
  1. Kathleen Baldwin permalink

    AGREE!!!! Hoping to start back up with her!!! Love the classes!! 🙂

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