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November 2016 Obedience Graduates

by on November 19, 2015
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  1. Shawn Murphy permalink

    We had a great time in Gail’s beginning class. This is the way that dogs should be trained. The training uses positive reinforcement techniques for desired behaviors and negative consequences for behaviors that are not desired. There were only 6 or so dogs in our class and 2-3 instructors, in addition to Gail herself, helping us learn and apply the training techniques. The facility was large enough that we never felt cramped and there was a comfortable viewing area where my wife and I could sit while the other was working with our dog. This is not just for puppies and would benefit dogs of any age. I think sometimes people give up on older dogs because they feel that is just how they are and its too late to change their behaviors but this is not true. There were some older dogs in our class and we could see their behaviors improve throughout the course. This class gives you the tools that you can use to continue training your dog after the class is over. We plan on doing the next level of training to learn more skills.

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