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The Hare and the Kerry Blue Terrier

by on May 22, 2018

Training makes a difference even if the progress seems slow. Ann C. who has trained with me and helped instruct my classes shared a recent incident that could have become a disaster without her excellent balanced training techniques. Ann and her Kerry Blues have always had a difference of opinion about the purpose of rabbits. The Kerrys think rabbits were put on this earth to be chased;  Ann thinks rabbits are good training distractions for teaching Kerrys that there is a consequence for chasing rabbits, and a reward of coming when called, but one day, the hare and the dog met unexpectedly…

Ann texted, “You won’t believe what Tibbot did. We were loading the car in the garage and he came outside with us. I checked for rabbits first and didn’t see any. While we were occupied, a rabbit ran across the driveway close to the street. Tom yelled  ‘Tibbot’ and then I yelled ‘TIIBBOOTTTTTTT’ using my inner Gail voice, and I’ll be darned, little Tibbot stopped in his tracks and froze. I then said ‘wait’ and calmly walked over to him, put my hands on him and petted him all the way inside to get treats. I couldn’t believe it!”

The first exercise we teach is Name Recognition, teaching the dog to stop and look at us when they hear their name. If they are looking at us, they aren’t chasing a critter into the street.

No matter how frustrated you get or how slow progress seems, I promise you every training session makes a difference toward the final goal, whether that means teaching your dog to come instead of chasing a rabbit or not to jump on people. If you think you are not seeing progress, check your training technique. BUT, most of all NEVER GIVE UP. A balanced training method ALWAYS works.

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