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In-Home Training

In-Home Dog Training — customized, one-on-one, learning sessions with Dr. Clark in your home, teaching your dog good manners. Teach your dog how to behave in the house, even when guests arrive, and much more.

You will have immediate results because the dog is learning in the situation where he/she must obey.

In-Home Dog Training includes training in locations and situations that you need your dog to behave.

  • Want your dog to walk in public without pulling?
  • Want to teach your dog to wait at your front door?
  • Want your dog to come when called?

Dr. Clark will take your lesson to the real life situation, and fix the problem.

In-Home Dog Training will not overwhelm you or your dog with out-of-control and unsafe dogs.

Learn how to socialize your puppy in a non-threatening, safe, and positive situation without exposing him/her to disease and other unsocial dogs.

The ADVANTAGES of In-Home Dog Training that you don’t get in class:

  • You and Dr. Clark design the program that is best for your dog, family, and lifestyle.
  • You spend your time and money on what you need, not useless exercises and commands.
  • Teaching your dog to not jump up or sit when guests arrive at your door is faster and more direct. The class situation is nothing like your door; the dog has to learn what you want at the door.
  • Individual attention and all questions addressed instead of 1 or 2 trainers for 10 people.
  • In-Home Dog Training provides a safer, cleaner, non-threatening environment for both you and your dog. There is less chance of your dog being injured or contracting viruses from other dogs.
  • In a quiet training area your dog will learn faster. Learning is difficult in a noisy class situation with out-of-control dogs.
  • Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience, with flexible times, on an as-needed basis.

Schedule your In-Home Dog Training lesson and find out for yourself and be amazed how one lesson can change your dog’s behavior and your life!

Individual In-Home Dog Training lessons available as well as packages.

K9 Shrink Dog Training
11025 N County Road 7
Wellington, CO 80549

Cell: 970-689-1445

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