Group Stay

New Class January 2023

Call to Sign up for our January 23, 2024 Class, 6-7:30

Dr. Clark and her experienced staff bring you a fast track, 4-week fun, basic obedience course, teaching you how to train your puppy or dog.

Teach your dog walking at your side and running to you as fast as they can when you call is as much fun as playing ball. Learn how to teach good manners for home and public settings.

Learn how to make your basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, fun. Your dog will love the positive attention you give when you train with them.

Dogs are anxious to be good companions and need your guidance and training to understand how to be your best friend.

Besides all the basic obedience commands for the perfect companion relationship, the course includes how to prevent and resolve common behavior issues such as: jumping, nipping, pulling, barking, and much more.

The positive learning principles are easy to follow, very effective, and LOTS OF FUN for you, your family and mostly for your dog!

Train with love, not force or fear!


Trained dogs love to come when called.